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A Boot for the Boulevardier

On April 1st, 2019, we posted a photo on our Instagram account of a made-to-order (MTO) Decon Chukka with an upper of pebble grain leather instead of Box Calf and a Vibram Commando Sole, in place of leather. The result – A wave of private messages, comments, likes, and MTO requests. The Boulevardier is a MTO designed one of our friends and clients who gave the boot it’s name, Mr. Prieto, a true Boulevardier. What is a Boulevardier, one might ask?  A Boulevardier is one who enjoys life while on a leisurely walk in the city. He is the urban explorer whose success in life affords him the time to stroll and observe society. To be clear, the Boulevardier doesn’t...

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