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2020 Foresight

We’re kicking 2020 off on the right foot for you this year with three styles in subtle handmade patinas that you will be able to wear year round. We selected these elegant styles to offer you shoes that are classic enough to wear on a daily basis but with details that are slightly outside the norm...

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The Fall Line Up

One of the signature design details of Norman Vilalta is the mixing of materials to create a new take on traditional shoes. The Balmoral Simple Combo Leather Shoe is a model that perfectly exemplifies this feature. Norman combined the more rugged texture of pebble grain leather with the smooth touch of suede. The suede covers the upper quarter and wraps around the heel in one solid piece with no center back seam. The pebble grain is finished with our 3D pattern which compliments the soft texture of the suede. Put it all together on a durable but light weight Vibram Commando Sole, and you have a unique Balmoral that exemplifies elegance, texture, durability, comfort and color.  For those of you...

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