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Penny Loafer Pierre & Hand-Stitched U-Tip Derby

It is not a coincidence that Maison Degand is in Brussels, and it is in fact Maison Degand that could represent an embassy of good taste and European savior faire.  We are overjoyed to be working with Maison Degand, our Brussels retailer, and to launch two incredible shoes alongside them. Designing for Maison Degand was a thrilling challenge, as we sought to represent the DNA of the two houses: purity of lines, sophistication without stridency, balance, harmony and originality. The first shoe in our offering is an extremely elegant Penny Loafer in its shape and composition. The proportions and lines of the design highlight the asymmetry of the exclusive pattern of our House. I believe we achieved a Loafer designed...

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The August Plan

It´s August, you´re probably thinking martinis at the beach. However, we´re already planning ahead for the holidays. For this month´s group-made-to-order (GMTO) offer, we´ve put together three styles that will ensure you’re winter ready and able to save by planning ahead. For our first style of the month, we´ve decided to offer one of our most popular styles, our Derby Simple Shoe, in boot form. We´ve been hinting at this new model launch since April and they are finally being released. For those of you who are well aware of our Derby Simple, the shoes are a staple for every man´s wardrobe for a few simple but crucial reasons: they combine our signature 3D patina on pebble grain leather, a lightweight...

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Make Formal Fun

When it comes to formal events, black dress shoes are the standard without a doubt. The question is, among a sea of tuxedos and black ties, how do you set yourself apart from everyone else? In other words, how do you make formal a bit more fun? We asked this question and after some experimentation we developed...

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