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A Holiday Gift from Norman Vilalta

We are spreading the holiday cheer with complimentary custom shoe trees with any shoe or boot purchase through the end of the year. This includes all footwear from our bespoke to ready-to-wear lines, including some new styles we just added to our made-to-order selection. Our shoe trees are custom made to fit our lasts by Spring Line in the UK and they will help to keep your shoes in tip top condition. Simply add our custom shoe trees to your cart along with the shoe or boot and the discount will be applied automatically. Our complimentary gift is valid through the end-of-day Tuesday, December 31st PST online and in our men´s shoe store in Barcelona, Spain. This offer is not applicable to any existing order already in process and cannot be...

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Penny Loafer Pierre & Hand-Stitched U-Tip Derby

It is not a coincidence that Maison Degand is in Brussels, and it is in fact Maison Degand that could represent an embassy of good taste and European savior faire.  We are overjoyed to be working with Maison Degand, our Brussels retailer, and to launch two incredible shoes alongside them. Designing for Maison Degand was a thrilling challenge, as we sought to represent the DNA of the two houses: purity of lines, sophistication without stridency, balance, harmony and originality. The first shoe in our offering is an extremely elegant Penny Loafer in its shape and composition. The proportions and lines of the design highlight the asymmetry of the exclusive pattern of our House. I believe we achieved a Loafer designed...

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Make Formal Fun

When it comes to formal events, black dress shoes are the standard without a doubt. The question is, among a sea of tuxedos and black ties, how do you set yourself apart from everyone else? In other words, how do you make formal a bit more fun? We asked this question and after some experimentation we developed...

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