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Passioners, Episode 2, Short Documentary Feature

Check out our latest feature in Perra Films' ¨Passioners, Episode 2¨ a short documentary covering artisans who are making moves in Barcelona. The documentary covers Norman Vilalta´s philosophy and passion for shoemaking and has some nice peeks into our atelier and boutique. You'll also have a chance to see Norman´s other passion, fly fishing. We want to say a big ¨thank you¨ to the entire Perra Films team for featuring us in their documentary series. Watch the feature below: If you´re new to our brand and unsure which shoes to start with, be sure to check out our group-made-to-order (GMTO) Fall Line Up for October. Our order window ends on Tuesday, September 29th at 11:59 PST. To stay on top of our releases...

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Zapatería Documentary Feature

We´re honored to be featured in our friend and talented director Travis Lee Ratcliff´s short documentary on Norman and his shoemaking philosophy titled, "Zapatería". Check out the video below or Vimeo. Thank you Travis! ZAPATERÍA from Travis Lee Ratcliff on Vimeo. ¨Norman Vilalta is a bespoke shoemaker based in Barcelona, Spain. 

For Norman, a whole cosmos of meaning can be seen through the keyhole of his craft. 

In spending time with him we came to see that the smallest details of his work take on the grandest of poetic importances. Norman revealed to us the real cost of this work, the sacrifice of the shoemaker, and inspired us to pay closer attention to the beauty in our everyday experiences. — In Norman’s presence,...

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