Special Limited Editions for Parisian Gentleman

1202 Heritage Collection

Why make a ready-to-wear collection 100% by hand?

Because the hand is an incredible tool.
Because the hand is a connection between the artisan´s heart and the material, with this tool each artisan imprints their signature, their personality in the work.
Because the hand makes it look like they were never there, as if the shoes were made by the eyes.
Because the hand can make each part of the shoe dialogue in perfect harmony all at the same time.
Because the hand helps us look for perfection.
Because the hand is what we inherited from our Masters. 

The name of this Collection is not casual.  1202 is the founding year of the Master Shoemaker´s Guild in Barcelona, of which I am a member, and is the year of mathematician Fibonacci's publication of notebooks Liber Abaci, ultimately the reason for my use of asymmetry in the design of our uppers.