A Boot for the Boulevardier

Norman Vilalta Boulevardier Boot

On April 1st, 2019, we posted a photo on our Instagram account of a made-to-order (MTO) Decon Chukka with an upper of pebble grain leather instead of Box Calf and a Vibram Commando Sole, in place of leather. The result – A wave of private messages, comments, likes, and MTO requests.

The Boulevardier is a MTO designed one of our friends and clients who gave the boot it’s name, Mr. Prieto, a true Boulevardier.

Norman Vilalta Boulevardier Boot

What is a Boulevardier, one might ask?  A Boulevardier is one who enjoys life while on a leisurely walk in the city. He is the urban explorer whose success in life affords him the time to stroll and observe society.

To be clear, the Boulevardier doesn’t just grab clothing off the hanger and start walking, he has a place in mind. He has an end destination with a path but is open to changing routes if something catches his eye.

Norman Vilalta's Boulevardier Boot

The destiny is always something special. It could be a restaurant, gallery, museum or just a city bench with a fantastic view. The Boulevardier prepares his attire according to the destiny, weather, season, or even the light. A subtle blue flannel suit for example, once fit Mr. Prieto’s plans for the Guggenheim.

More important than the destiny is the journey. The Boulevardier will let himself be surprised. He is on a path to observe and learn, meet people along the way and derive inspiration for new itineraries.

Norman Vilalta's Boulevardier Boot

Our Boulevardier is dedicated to Mr. Prieto, a Modern Boulevardier, and to those of you who enjoy a stroll through the city as much as he does.

The Boulevardier is now available both online and in our men’s shoe store and atelier in Barcelona, Spain. We produced a very small batch of these boots with only one pair available in some sizes. Orders will be processed and shipped within three weeks. Out of stock sizes will be available to order and will be produced in 16 to 20 weeks. 

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