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The Norman Vilalta Difference

When Norman launched the Condal Collection, his artisanal ready-made line, he aimed to transcend the ordinary.

Rather than offering another classic shoe line, he infused his creations with unparalleled construction, structure, quality, fit, and design.

Drawing from his bespoke background, where each shoe is fully handmade and built to last a lifetime, Norman prioritized top-tier construction for his shoes.

Unlike many brands that rely on Blake construction, Norman chose Goodyear-welted construction for its remarkable durability.

This method ensures that his shoes can withstand any environment and be resoled, promising longevity and performance.

Our Meticulous Hand-finishing

Another crucial element for Norman was the artisan touch. While many luxury brands rely on assembly line production, Norman preserves the bespoke finishing quality in each pair of his Condal Collection shoes.

Every shoe is meticulously hand-finished by our artisan team in our Barcelona workshop, a rarity for any ready-to-wear collection. Visitors to our store in Barcelona can witness this craftsmanship firsthand.

The shape and silhouette of Norman’s lasts are another distinctive detail that reflect his bespoke experience.

He sought the perfect design balance, avoiding the overly pointy styles of some Italian and French brands and the rounder, bulkier designs of British and American styles.

With an appreciation for fine arts and sophisticated aesthetics, Norman engineered lasts that cater to a wide range of foot types, ensuring both comfort and style.

Norman’s commitment to unique and harmonious designs is evident in his innovative creations like the Wabi Sabi shoes, 13 Collection, and the renowned Decon Chelsea Boot.

His technical ingenuity is showcased in his Asymmetric Pattern method, which eliminates the need for a center back seam, resulting in a more streamlined and elegant silhouette.

Each element of Norman's shoes showcases his relentless pursuit of excellence and his desire to revolutionize the world of luxury shoes.

His passion, drive, and dedication are embodied in the unique models of our Condal Collection, earning him acclaim and recognition in the world of high-quality shoes.

Experience Norman Vilalta’s unparalleled craftsmanship and innovative spirit in every pair of shoes from the Condal Collection.

Elevate your wardrobe and walk confidently in shoes that blend timeless elegance with modern sophistication.

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Over the last 20 years Norman Vilalta's work has caught the attention of leading menswear professionals, fellow designers, and shoe aficionados.

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