The Wholecut Oxford

We produced a small restock of our elegant Wholecut Oxford to help start you off on the right foot for 2022.

If you’re not familiar with Wholecut Oxfords, the shoe derives it’s name because the upper is lasted from one solid piece of leather instead of multiple cut pattern pieces.

In the art of shoemaking, the construction method of the Wholecut is challenging since the design requires carefully molding one 2D piece of leather onto a 3D silhouette without the help of multiple seam lines which would normally create the curves for lasting.

What’s distinct about our Wholecut is that the design incorporates our asymmetric pattern making, which means that there is no center back seam, a design detail that creates a cleaner finish around the most visible parts of the shoe.

In addition, the four eyelet lacing is cut diagonally across the quarter, which leaves the vamp untouched and creates an elongated and elegant toe box which is an ideal canvas for our handmade patinas.

The Wholecut is perfect for a more formal occasion, or can be worn as a statement piece at work or with casual attire.

Our Wholecut Oxford is now available in espressoorion, marron mediterraneocognac, black and bordeaux, and onyx. Purchase online and in Norman Vilalta's men's bespoke atelier and boutique in Barcelona, Spain.