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Norman Vilalta and The Noble Shoe GMTO Collaboration

For the second week of our GMTO, we put together a video featuring Norman Vilalta himself...

In addition, we produced a second set of photos which capture the look of our Eduardo Derby indoors.

One of the details of our patinas is how they capture and reflect the light.

Since we made the patina on suede, we wanted to make sure you had a chance to see how the wonderful shoe looks under low light since there are some notable differences.

You can see how the cognac and cream colors are much more subtle indoors, which is a humble contrast from the more vibrant look under the sun.

While the vibrancy is toned down, we love the warm texture that the patina on suede gives off when indoors.

The unique derby will look fantastic with suiting, denim, corduroys, and khaki's.

Participate in our group-made-to-order with The Noble Shoe through Tuesday, August 9th.

If you missed the original outdoor photos that capture our patina under light, visit our original Norman Vilalta x The Noble Shoe editorial.