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Trial Shoe Program

Trial Shoe Program

Regular price €870.00

The trial shoe program was created to give customers who are not able to visit our store in Barcelona the ability to confirm their size if they're in between sizes and unsure what size to order. The trial shoes are a pair of fitting shoes that include the right side shoe either a 1/2 size larger or smaller than the left side. For Example, if a customer is unsure if they are a size 8 1/2 or 9, they can order a pair of trial shoes and specify whether that they want the left side in a size 8 1/2 and the right side in a 9, or the opposite.

Below are details of the process of the Trial Shoe Program:

1. Customer chooses the size for the left side shoe.
2. Customer chooses the size for the right side shoe, either +0.5 size larger or -0.5 size smaller.
3. Customer pays for the trial shoes which is a deposit that will be credited towards a pair of shoes or boots.
4. Norman Vilalta ships the trial shoes to the customer.
5. Customer tries on the shoes at home and confirms which size fits better.
6. Customer mails back the trial shoes to Norman Vilalta and confirms the size that they prefer and the shoe or boot that they would like their deposit to be credited to. Customer will need to pay for any difference in price, if they choose a more expensive shoe.
7. Upon receipt of the trial shoes and payment for any difference in price, Norman Vilalta will ship the shoes with the confirmed size to customer. 

Please note that the customer is responsible for shipping costs of the trial shoes to their residence and back to Norman Vilalta. Shipping costs will not be counted towards the deposit. Free shipping discount codes do not apply to the shipment of trial shoes.

Feel free to send us an email at sales@normanvilalta.com if you have any questions.