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Article: Featured Article in International Investor Magazine

Featured Article in International Investor Magazine

Norman Vilalta Interview in International Investor Magazine

We are honored to be featured in the latest issue of International Investor Magazine.

Hop over to the digital version of their magazine online and read the article on pages 34 through 36. You'll have a chance to better understand the history of our brand as well as some hints as to the direction we are going for next year.

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The Art Nouveau Spirit
art nouveau

The Art Nouveau Spirit

For this Group-made-to-order (GMTO), we are excited to present a new make-up of our Luis Balmoral Derby, a versatile and elegant shoe named after the influential architect in Barcelona Luis Domenec...

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Verano Vibes, Part 2 -- Three new Gooyear-welted and hand-finished masterpieces

The Getaway

Slip into a new pair of Goodyear-welted masterpieces and getaway for the weekend. We produced a small batch of our Piet Penny Loafer in a stunning black cherry handmade patina. Piet features Fren...

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