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Customs & Import Taxes

Norman Vilalta is not responsible for any customs fees or import taxes.

Customers must coordinate with the appropriate customs office of their residing country to coordinate the pick up or delivery of their shipment, and to process payments for any customs charges or import taxes.

All shipments will include an invoice that specifies the amount paid for products purchased and shipping. This invoice will include the total amount paid for the shoes, including all deposits, balance payments, and shipping.

We cannot declare a lower price paid or a lower value of any products shipped on any invoice. Please do not contact us with any request to declare a lower amount on any invoice or paperwork.

Any shipments that are sent back to Norman Vilalta because the customer did not agree to pay to customs payments will receive a refund minus the costs of receiving the returned goods. Spanish customs charges Norman Vilalta for all returned items.


We do not charge VAT on any orders from the UK but shipments to the UK are subject to import tax. We do include a letter with all shipments to the UK that our products of Spanish preferential origin. Please check with the UK import tax office for the latest rules and regulations.