Doubling down

The Mariano Wingtip Adelaide in a bold double leather sole, gimped 180 degree storm welt, pebble grain of Weinheimer, and a handmade chestnut patina.

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Decon Chelsea Boot

The unmistakenable chelsea boot by Norman Vilalta. Add the Decon Chelsea to your collection today.

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Mariano Wingtip Adelaide Oxford by Norman Vilalta men’s oxford shoes in Barcelona, Spain.

Doubling Down

As we wrap up the final days of winter, we’ve created a group-made-to-order (GMTO) shoe that will have you thinking forward to the Fall. Meet our M...

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Warming Up

Warming Up

As we warm up to the new year and get closer to Spring, we produced three new shoes that work well in the transitional periods. Our first featured ...

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The Beauty of Handmade Shoes

The Beauty of Handmade Shoes

In 2018, we soft-launched our 1202 Heritage Collection with Hugo Jacomet of The Parisian Gentleman, a semi-bespoke line of shoes that give our cust...

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