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Frequently Asked Questions

1.  I am unsure about my size and I do not live close to any of your retail partners to try on your shoes. What do you recommend?

If you know your size in any of the other luxury footwear brands, please visit our size and last comparison page. With help of many of our dedicated customers, we put together sizing references that should help you.

If you are still uncertain, we recommend ordering fitting shoes so that you can easily compare two different sizes comfortably at home.

If you email, we would be happy to help you with additional sizing guidance. In your email please include which size and last you usually wear in other shoe brands. You can also include the size and last in other brands that don't fit you well so that we have a better understanding of your foot shape.

Please remember that ready to wear shoes are returnable within 14 days as long as there is no visible wear marks to the upper or soles.

Since made-to-order shoes shoes are not returnable or exchangeable, we highly recommend fitting shoes ahead of time to make sure you order your proper size. 

2. I noticed that your ready made shoes have delivery times of 3 to 4 weeks. If they are ready made, why does it take so long?

We´re sorry if the ready made label is slightly confusing. Our ready made shoes are each hand-finished after an order is placed.

We start the hand finishing process after an order is placed because often times customers ask for custom requests to the patina or finishing of the soles, so this gives us some flexibility for customization before delivery.

Every pair also includes a handmade glaseage, which is a mirror shine finishing composed of wax and water. We add this before delivery since having a glaseage sit for too long on a shoe before usage, could crack the glaseage upon first wear.

3. Do you offer financing or special payment plans for purchase of your shoes?

Since we accept Paypal, customers can opt to spit payments into 3 which makes it easier for some customers.

For MTO and GMTO shoes, we accept orders with a 50% deposit and the balance is collected right before shipping the finished shoes.

Since the deposit and balance payment of our MTO and GMTO shoes can be split into 3 payments each via Paypal, essentially you can finance the shoes over 6 payments in total.

4. I am interested in a shoe/boot of yours but would like them in a different upper material, color, and with a different sole. Is this possible?

Yes, we can customize any of our current styles and can change the upper material (box calf, pebble grain, suede, etc), the sole (Vibram, JR soles, etc), and the color (solid colors, patinas, etc).

All custom shoes are considered a made-to-order (MTO) and include a made-to-order fee of 300 euros (except for exotic skins). We accept a 50% deposit to place a MTO order. The balance will be collected before the shoes are delivered.

Please email and a member of our team will work with you to create a custom SKU so that you can easily place your order online.

5. I've heard that you offer bespoke and semi-bespoke but don't see them online. How can I place an order for either of the two?

If you are interested in bespoke, we would like to meet you in person to take your measurements and work directly with you on the design and style of the shoe. You can either meet us in person at our workshop in Barcelona, Spain or at one of our trunk shows. For trunk show information, please be sure to sign up to our newsletter.

We have plans to bring back our 1202 Heritage Collection, our semi-bespoke line of shoes, to the website but until then please email at Depending on demand and the current queue, we will be able to accept new orders.

6. I noticed that made-to-order (MTO) takes around 7 to 8 months. Is there any way to have them delivered faster?

7 to 8 months is the general turnaround time for our MTO shoes but we do everything we can to ship shoes faster. We deliver to customers on a first come, first serve basis.

We will not accept any additional payments or offers to prioritize a new order over an existing one.

If you're curious about production times of shoe making, our good friend Justin Fitzpatrick of The Shoe Snob wrote a nice little piece here.

7. My home country has high customs fees / import taxes for any products that are imported. Can you please declare a lower value on my shoes? 

We are sorry, but declaring a lower value on any order placed is illegal. Spain has very strict invoicing, accounting, export and compliance practices that we must abide by.

Please do not email us with any request to change the price on our invoices.

8. I have a group-made-to-order model that I would like to propose. Is this possible?

Absolutely. We can produce a custom group-made-to-order for any customer who has at least 3 people who have expressed interest in the proposed model and are ready to place an order. The 300 euro MTO fee will be waived for each pair.

Please email to help organize the custom group-made-to-order with you. 

9. I love the Decon Chelsea Boot. Will they be available via group-made-to-order any time soon?

Our group-made-to-order program is designed to test new styles and color combinations with our customers. This helps us to better understand which new shoes resonate well with our customers to plan for stock and also gives our customers a unique opportunity to purchase our products at a lower price point.

Our Decon Chelsea Boot is an established classic of ours that will not be included in any promotion or group-made-to-order.

Please note that we do not discount our Decon Chelsea Boot at any time during the year as well.

10. I have a pair of Derby Simple Shoes with a 3D Patina and am not sure how to maintain them. Can you please provide either maintenance tips or help?

With help from our friend Christian Vingsand of C.G. Vingsand Shoeshine Trondheim, we put together a guide with some video clips to help our customers maintain the 3D Patina of their shoes. We hope you find this guide helpful. Feel free to contact us at if you have any questions.

11. I have a pair of your shoes that need new soles. Do you offer these services?

Absolutely. Please email for information on the process and turnaround for having a pair of your shoes resoled.

12. I am very happy with your shoes and services. Aside from purchasing shoes, is there any other way for me to support you?

We are delighted to hear that you are happy with our shoes and services. The best way to show your additional support for us is via online reviews. If you've visited either our workshop or website please submit a review to any of the following platforms:

Trip Advisor

If you own a pair of our shoes or boots and enjoy writing shoe reviews, please post your review via one of the following platforms:

Style Forum

Lastly, please tag us in photos on Facebook and Instagram.

We appreciate your support.