Special Limited Editions for Parisian Gentleman

Decon Chelsea Boots - Made to Order

“A design is perfectly achieved when you can’t remove anything else.”

I created the Decon Chelsea Boot by deconstructing the iconic Chelsea and fusing it with the classic Derby to create this signature model, which is part of our Maison´s Savile Row meets R'n'R Collection where every angle of the boot is its best aspect.

The simplicity of design and the complexity of the idea makes them a future classic for office mode, dress mode or casual wear.

The streamlined design provides the perfect base for a rich and complex handmade patina while the fit of the subtly chiseled last gives an extraordinary feel.

The padded insole with the signature Maison design dons the interior, while the distinctive signature hand-painted deep violet sole is embossed with the initials of the house, NV and all of the artisans who worked on the boot.