Handmade Shoes Review by Justin Fitzpatrick

We recently had the pleasure of catching up with Justin Fitzpatrick of The Shoe Snob here in Barcelona.

We caught up on the Super Trunk Show in London, product plans for the year and importantly had a chance to review our fully handmade 1202 Heritage Collection and bespoke samples with him.

We recently re-launched this exclusive line of hand-lasted, hand-welted shoes with an outsole stitched by hand and the quality and finishing of our full bespoke line.

To our surprise, when Justin returned to NYC, he wrote a wonderful review of the 1202 Heritage Collection and shared some great photos:

The Federico Balmoral Oxford in a combination of French box calf and country calf and a handmade espresso patina.

 A closer look at the pitched heel of our fully handmade 1202 Heritage Collection.

A glimpse at the thin beveled waist of our fully handmade Federico Balmoral Oxford.

We are currently accepting orders for 6 pairs of our 1202 Hertiage Collection and will close availability once we reach this threshold.

Visit The Shoe Snob to read the full review by Justin Fitzpatrick and see more photos.