Café and Cream

Plan ahead this Winter with our Goodyear-welted Christopher Chukka Boot in a café and cream handmade patina, our latest group-made-to-order masterpiece.

The handsome boot features an upper in ante repello suede from Charles Stead, three eyelet lacing, our sleek chiseled toe last, and an elongated toe box and vamp.


When designing the Christopher Chukka Boot, Norman selected an unlined ankle for added comfort, adorned the back of the heel shaft with embroidery, and added a Vibram Rubber Button Sole which resembles a double leather sole but delivers additional grip and cushioning.

The marvelous café and cream handmade patina is a handsome dark brown on the upper vamp, with cream peeking out at the toebox, ankle and heel.

The reverse patina gives the boot a slightly distressed look and adds depth to the already rich suede.

Wear our sleek chukka Christopher Chukka Boot easily with denim, corduroys, or khakis, and dress them up with a dark-colored suit.

Each pair of our Goodyear-welted boots is meticulously hand-finished before delivery.

Our Christopher Chukka Boot is now available as a group-made-to-order through Sunday, July 30th.

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