Marron Mediterraneo Shoe Patina

The Marron Mediterraneo Patina is a beautiful brown and burgundy that Norman developed from his experience of becoming a shoemaker.

When Norman was studying shoemaking in Florence, he admired the way that locals would wear shoes in a signature shade of brown called “testa di morro” with their blue suits.

The beautiful brown contained subtle hints of burgundy and complemented the Tuscan landscape and the Mediterranean Sea. This inspired Norman to search for the perfect brown that represented his story, surroundings, and sense of style.

The result, “Marrón Mediterraneo” is a brown that evokes fine wine, toros (bulls), raw tobacco, wild horses, bamboo, and oak.

Essentially, this brown represents the influences of the Mediterranean that Norman came across while on the road to becoming a master shoemaker -- From his humble beginnings in Florence to his design experimentation in Mallorca, to establishing his atelier and home base in Barcelona.

For maintenance of our Marron Mediterraneo Patina, we recommend using dark brown Saphir cream on the entire body of the shoe or boot.

For the glacage (mirror shine), we recommend using burgundy Saphir wax.

To better understand our method of applying the shoe creams and wax to maintain your shoes, please read our Shoe Polishing Guide.

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