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Article: Better in 3D

Better in 3D


Balmoral Simple oxford men's leather shoe made in Spain

At Norman Vilalta we believe that once you’ve learned the rules and mastered the techniques, break them and innovate. We apply this mentality to our design process, shoe making and our finishing. One of our innovations that helped us develop a name for ourselves over the years is our signature 3D patina, a development we created in our atelier and men’s shoe store in Barcelona in 2014.

Balmoral Simple oxford shoes made in Spain

We always loved the creative freedom of patinas and we knew that patinas on shoes were nothing new, but we wanted to create our own take on what we consider an art form in the world of shoe making. While many brands focused on patinas on box calf leather, we thought it would be interesting to experiment with another type of leather. "Why limit ourselves?" we asked ourselves. This is where pebble grain made a difference.

Balmoral Simple oxford men's leather shoe made in Spain

The pebble grain leather is a unique canvas since its texture allows us to be more creative with our patina. In our classic patinas we use multiple colors to develop a transition from darker to lighter colors. Our 3D patina on the other hand, utilizes only one color to make the transition from dark to light.

The patina process dyes different percentages of each individual grain to create a distinctive transition. Since the paints, waxes and polishes aren’t uniform across the crevices of the pebble grain, the resulting patina is a surface that creates a visual effect of different gradients of color. The result, a nice pop and 3D effect, hence the name.

Balmoral Simple men's leather oxford made in Spain

For the first time our Balmoral Simple Oxfords are available online in either a 3D patina in mediterranean blue or oxblood. We also have limited sizes left in our Derby Simples in either a 3D patina in brown, green or oxblood.

Balmoral Simple men's leather oxford shoe made in Spain

If you would like to see the 3D patina in person, please visit our atelier and shoe store in Barcelona, Spain. You’ll also have a chance to meet bespoke shoemaker Norman Vilalta in person and get professionally sized. You can also try on our shoes and see all of the ready-to-wear and made-to-order men’s leather shoes and boots we currently offer.

Norman Vilalta, Bespoke Shoemaker
Enric Granados 5
Barcelona, Spain 08007

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