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Article: Embrace Emerald

Embrace Emerald

We are thrilled to unveil our summer masterpiece: The James Penny Loafer, crafted from French box calf leather by Tanneries du Puy, now available in a breathtaking Emerald patina.

The James Penny Loafer is distinguished by its sharp chiseled toe and elongated vamp, offering an ideal canvas for our exquisite handmade patinas.

Its unique asymmetric design eliminates the need for a center back seam, complemented by our meticulously hand-painted leather sole.

A touch of green and blue

Embrace Emerald

Intricate sawtooth gimping details enhance the apron, penny keeper, tongue, and counter, while the padded, embroidered insole not only provides exceptional comfort but also adds a touch of elegance.

The emerald handmade patina is the quintessential summer statement, featuring a distinctive yet sophisticated greenish-blue hue that effortlessly complements both suiting and casual attire.

Each pair of the Goodyear-welted James Penny Loafers is meticulously hand-finished by our skilled artisans, ensuring unparalleled quality and craftsmanship in every step.

A small batch is now available online and in our boutique in Barcelona, Spain.