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Article: Bister Shoe Patina

Bister Shoe Patina

Our Bister Patina is a unique dark brown that is derived from the ash of burnt wood. The patina is a dark brown with very slight hints of burgundy and mahogany.

This dark color compliments most dress wardrobes, but can easily be worn casually with denim, corduroys, and khakis as well.

For maintenance of our Bister Patina, we recommend using dark brown Saphir cream on the entire body of the shoe or boot. You can also add a bit of black Saphir cream if you want to create a slightly darker shade or add depth to the seams of the shoe.

For the glacage (mirror shine), we recommend using dark brown Saphir wax.

To better understand our method of applying the shoe creams and wax to maintain your shoes, please read our Shoe Polishing Guide.

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