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Article: Shades of Grey

Shades of Grey

For this coming Fall, we are excited to bring a classic from the Norman Vilalta archives back in a new makeup. For this Group-made-to-order (GMTO) we present to you our Goodyear-welted Decon Chukka Boot in a black and wintersmoke handmade patina.

Like a classic Chukka, our Goodyear-welted Decon Chukka Boot is ankle high with open lacing and two eyelets. Instead of sewing the quarters on top of the vamp, our vamp and quarters are one generous piece of leather that is carefully lasted around the shoe and meet at the center back.

The tongue is cut in a crescent shape from the vamp which creates a unique silhouette and allows us to combine different leathers and suedes together to provide a textured canvas for our handmade patinas.

The collar is sewn over the tongue to provide the open lacing system of the classic Chukka which allows you to easily put on and take off these comfortable boot.

Traditionally Chukka Boots were made with either thin leather soles or with crepe soles by British troops in the desert during WWII. We offer ours with a Goodyear-welted leather sole in our signature hand-painted purple.

We selected a smart black and wintersmoke patina which will look wonderful with the darker shades of fall and winter.

They make a fine pairing with the greys, charcoals, navys and blacks of dress clothing and look great with dark denim.

The Goodyear-welted Decon Chukka Boot is now available in our Group-made-to-order GMTO through Sunday, April 30th.

Place your order with a 50% deposit using the code GMTODEPOSIT during checkout and/or split payments via Paypal.

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