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Article: Orion Shoe Patina

Orion Shoe Patina

The Orion Patina is another popular shoe patinas of the Norman Vilalta brand. The patina is perfect for customers who are looking to differentiate their shoes from the common brown or black shoes, but can't be too flamboyant.

Since the blue is more discreet, the patina is more likely to not offend the stylishly conservative colleagues in the workplace.

Like all of our reverse patinas, the lighter color peeks out at the toe box, facings, and heel. These are areas where the light often hits and reflects off the shoe. With Orion, the color differences can be more subtle like in our Decon Chelsea Boot above.

Playing with light helps to highlight the shape of our shoes and also add depth to some of the details like brogues, seam lines and curvature of our designs.

For maintenance of our Orion patina, we recommend using dark blue or navy Saphir cream on the lighter blue areas of the shoe. These are the areas at the toe box, on the facings (where the light peeks out at the lacing), and on the heel.

For the darker parts of the Orion patina along the main part of the vamp, shaft and lower parts of the facings, we recommend using black Saphir shoe cream.

For the glacage (mirror shine), we recommend using either a blue or neutral Saphir wax.

To better understand our method of applying the shoe creams and wax to maintain your shoes, please read our Shoe Polishing Guide.

 To see more of our shoes and boots that feature our Orion patina...

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