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Norman Vilalta Collections

Decon Chelsea Boot by Norman Vilalta Men's Chelsea Boots in Barcelona Spain

Condal Collection Readymade

Our ready made collection that is Goodyear-welted by machine and meticulously hand-finished by our team of artisans in Barcelona before delivery.

Discover Condal Collection Readymade

Condal Collection MTO

Our Condal Collection made-to-order (MTO) shoes give customers the opportunity to either create their own personalized make-up or select from designs that we've created but don't stock.

Made-to-order shoes take approximately 7 to 8 months, which factors in sourcing materials, production queues with suppliers and our hand-finishing.

Discover Condal Collection MTO

Brava Collection

Our lightweight Blake Construction collection for the hot summer days and a holiday away.

Discover the Brava Collection

1202 Heritage Collection

Our fully handmade collection that gives our customers the opportunity to experience the quality of a bespoke shoe without the fitting shoe process.

This collection is perfect for those who fit our readymade lasts and want a shoe that is made to the same quality and finishing as our bespoke shoes.

Discover the 1202 Heritage Collection


Our bespoke shoes are a full bespoke experience which includes a design that is personalized to your unique tastes, two fitting shoe sessions to confirm your fit and design and one truly unique handmade masterpiece that no one else will have.

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