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Article: Book Feature: Made In Spain

Book Feature: Made In Spain

Book Feature: Made In Spain

It's a great honor to be a featured artisans in Suzanne Wales gorgeous new book, Made in Spain, A Shoppers Guide to Artisans and Their Crafts by Region.

The extraordinary book unveils the talents of jewelers, furniture makers, textile artists, and a very special footwear designer from across the vibrant landscape of Spain.

Suzanne took a dive into the enchanting world of fine Spanish craftsmanship, a captivating celebration of independent artisans and their exquisite handmade creations.

Made in Spain became more than just a guide; it's a breathtaking journey through the heart of Spain's rich art and tradition that is often overlooked and sometimes overshadowed by Italian and French craftsmen who market themselves more heavily.

As you turn each stunning page, you'll discover both renowned and hidden-gem artisans, each with their unique stories and extraordinary skills.

With vivid, full-color photographs, each chapter immerses you in the beauty of Spain's diverse regions, from the bustling streets of Barcelona and Catalunya to the serene Balearic Islands.

Explore the historic cities of Valencia and Madrid, the rich cultural tapestry of the Basque region, and the picturesque landscapes of Galicia and Andalucía.

Pick up your copy to join this visual and narrative adventure, and read about her visit to our workshop in Barcelona.

The book will ignite your passion for the timeless elegance of artisanal craftsmanship in Spain and will inspire you to visit.

In the meantime, you can also enjoy the extraordinary artisan craftsmanship of Norman Vilalta from home.

Experience the artisan craft of Norman Vilalta