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Making friends along the way

From Norman's time apprenticing in Florence to starting his own atelier in Barcelona, to traveling the world meeting with Bespoke clients and hosting trunk shows, he's been blessed to meet many people within the world of high-quality footwear along the way.

He's presented at Pitti Uomo, broke bread with fellow shoe designers and has collaborated with different menswear experts.

Hugo Jacomet of the Parisian Gentleman once said,

"Norman’s success didn’t happen by chance: he earned his reputation by being an excellent master bootmaker and a gifted shoe designer.

In our opinion, Vilalta is of the same breed as Pierre Corthay, Tony Gaziano and Anthony Delos: artisans who bring something new to the table with unforgettable and distinctive designs, hopefully destined to become modern classics."

Simon Crompton of Permanent Style mentioned,

"Norman Vilalta is one of my favourite bespoke artisans. Enthusiastic, talented and down-to-earth.

His creations can often be fantastical, but he also does a nice line in conservative shoes with little touches of personality. "

The Loveable Brogue wrote in his feedback of the 2022 Super Trunk Show in London:

"I wasn't expecting him to be my favourite maker at the show - I've seen a fair amount of Norman Vilalta shoes online, and while undeniably very distinctively styled could never see a place for them in my collection-

Seeing them in person was rather different though. It's difficult to capture the full breadth of Norman's styles and designs, but it certainly seems like he will try his hand at pretty much anything, mostly with a good level of success. He seems to have a savant level understanding of what rules can be broken when it comes to a shoe's design."

Norman has been grateful to have the opportunity to travel to catch up with friends around the world and showcase his latest designs.

He enjoys the very personal experience of annual trunk shows with some of the best footwear retailers of the world, such as Leffot in New York City

Luckily as more people have sought after menswear products that are outside the world of mainstream luxury, Norman has met other artisans who are doing amazing things in the world of tailoring, accessories and even jewelry.

Together with this growing network, Norman continues to push to be a part of the avant-garde of makers and create beautiful shoes.

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