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Article: The Arroyo Belt

The Arroyo Belt

We're thrilled to unveil the Arroyo Belt, our special belt collaboration with the esteemed craftsmen at J.Hopenstand of Switzerland.

Established in 1925 by Jacques Hopenstand and now expertly managed by his great grandsons, J.Hopenstand boasts a rich legacy of crafting exquisite leather goods. Renowned for their meticulous attention to detail, utilization of premium materials, and commitment to sourcing locally from France, Italy, and Switzerland, J.Hopenstand rightfully holds the esteemed title of a Swiss Heritage Brand.

Of particular significance to Norman Vilalta is their active engagement in the contemporary art realm. As many of you may already know, our shoes often pays homage to Spanish artists throughout history.

With an impressive portfolio of 18 collaborations under their belt, J.Hopenstand has showcased remarkable partnerships with luminaries such as Allan McCollum, Sylvie Fleury, Jaume Plensa, and Dan Graham.

For this exclusive collaboration, we've handpicked a sleek, refined buckle design, allowing our signature patinas to take center stage. Utilizing our premium reno grain leather for its exquisite texture and depth, we'll be applying our classic handmade patinas to complement your shoes perfectly.

While we understand that not all our shoes feature reno grain leather, we encourage you not to be daunted by the difference in texture. We celebrate the art of mixing and matching textures and colors, confident that the reno grain will harmonize beautifully with your box calf or even suede shoes.

Each buckle is meticulously crafted in Italy from brass, hand-polished and brushed to perfection, then covered with palladium plating.

Our Arroyo Belt is now available as a special pre-order through Tuesday, June 4th, with delivery slated for this fall. Participate online or at our men's boutique in Barcelona, Spain, to be a part of this exceptional collaboration.

Join our collaboration with J.Hopenstand

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