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Norman Vilalta Lasts

To better understand our brand and shoes, you should know about Norman Vilalta's Lasts:

1) For 10 years we worked exclusively on bespoke shoes. As such, we've seen and worked with feet of all different sizes, shapes, and forms. We developed our lasts applying our knowledge and deep understanding making custom shoes by hand. 

2) Norman Vilalta's lasts have a fitted but flexible entrance. Your feet will feel a slight suction when putting on our shoes. This is a detail that you will find in a bespoke shoe, a feature that translates to comfort.

3) The arch of our lasts are carved like a bespoke shoe, which enables us to design our sole with a slim waist. This means less bulk and material which is why our shoes weigh less than your average dress shoe. These features allow our shoes to support your foot throughout the day.  

4) When choosing your size, it’s important to know that you can either choose a bespoke fit (very close to the foot), or go a half a size up and feel more free and loose in the shoe.

Our lasts are designed to stretch and retract back in place with each step. This helps to minimize creasing where the shoe bends while you walk, which is common when there is space between the shoe and the foot.

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