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Article: Better than BFCM

Better than BFCM

We will not be participating in the traditional Black Friday and Cyber Monday promotions this year. That's right, no waiting in line in the cold, no fighting over marked down shoes that aren't in your size, and no spur of the moment purchase decisions.

Instead we have a beautiful line-up of Goodyear-welted shoes for you in our latest GMTO with plenty of time to review your elegant options and easily place your order online.

Our first shoe is Piet, a comfortable new penny loafer that we designed with the same wonderful fit and signature design lines as our classic James Loafer, but with more rounded curves and a softer silhouette.

Piet features French box calf leather sourced by Tanneries du Puy of Hermes, a curved saddle that surfs across the entire vamp, embroidery detailing on the heel counter, and a hand stitched apron that sits comfortably on top of the elongated toe box.

As in all of our shoes from our Condal Collection, Piet has a pitched heel which creates harmonious design lines from the collar to the floor, a quilted insole with padding for comfort, and a Goodyear-welted sole that can be changed as many times as necessary.

What we really like about this loafer is the subtle but unique handmade patina. We selected a versatile caramel and add antiquing by hand along the seams and apron. The result is rich color and depth resulting in an almost candy like appearance.

Piet looks great with a suit and can easily be worn casually on a weekend holiday away or at a long lunch with friends and family.

Our second shoe is a new color in our popular Federico Balmoral Brogue Oxford.

Federico was known as the “blue balmoral” among shoe aficionados after multiple photos of our fully handmade version circulated the internet and piqued people's interest.

After a successful launch of our Federico Balmoral Brogue Oxford for the first time in our Condal Collection last year, we were eager to feature the shoe again in another handmade patina.

Federico features a simple and sophisticated contrast in textures created by a combination of French box calf and country calf leathers and a balmoral seam delineated with brogues.

The elongated vamp and toe box is the perfect canvas for our smooth handmade espresso patina. The reverse patina is a deep dark brown in the body with a sweet milky brown peeking out at the toe box, facings and heel.

What we love about Federico is that it is a shoe with lots of character and unique design details but is not conspicuous. They are perfect for the gentleman who is confident about his taste and sense of style but doesn’t need to show off.

The final shoe is one that we had a lot of fun designing. We created a new version of our Derby Megabrogue with an updated upper and new sole combination to give the shoe a slightly stronger silhouette.

The Derby Megabrogue features a separated cap toe and wingtip, 4 eyelet lacing, an asymmetric pattern with no center back seam, a 270 degree storm welt for weather protection, and a comfortable Vibram Button Sole.

Like it’s name implies, the shoe is blessed with brogues, with embellishments along the wingtip, cap toe, facings, and heel.

We selected grain calf from Weinheimer of Germany for it’s slightly thicker and sturdy properties and toned down the design with a marron mediterraneo patina, a warm brown and burgundy that matches nearly everything.

What stands out to us about this new version of our Derby Megabrogue is that although they maintain the same elegant shape as our classic round toe derbies, the design elements give the shoe more sturdy body and a bolder presence.

The design falls within the world of country style derbies and longwings in the market, but we consider the Derby Megabrogue a more graceful alternative.

Our Piet Penny Loafer, Federico Balmoral Brogue Oxford, and Derby Megabrogue are now available in our latest group-made-to-order. Join the group through Wednesday, December 1st.

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