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Article: Cooling Down

Cooling Down

With the summer coming to an end, we're here to help you be prepared for the cooler weather.

We made a small batch of three new shoes that will make you feel comfortable and look great this fall.

Our first is a new make-up in our Bernat Brogue Derby Shoe, a popular design we debuted at the beginning of this year.

For this updated version, instead of suede, we selected country calf leather from Tanneries du Puy, a handsome pebbled grain leather that is elegant with a slightly rugged edge.

Bernat sports a rubber button sole, a sole that we admire for it’s look which resembles that of a double leather sole as well as it’s comfort with wonderful Vibram rubber that delivers comfort throughout the day.

We chose our versatile Espresso Patina, a handsome mix of black, dark brown, and lighter brown, which will look great with both your dress clothes during the week, and casual attire on the weekend.

Our second shoe is a loafer that by now needs little introduction (if you've been following us this summer), our Piet Penny Loafer.

We introduced Piet in our November GMTO of last year, and with an overwhelming amount of positive feedback, we decided to produce this easy to wear loafer in a small batch in different colors and leathers.

For this fall version of Piet, we selected our Orion patina, a black and blue reverse patina that complements the greys and blues of suiting, and works equally as well with the organic colors of fall attire.

Piet features French box calf leather sourced by Tanneries du Puy, a rounded and more classic toe box, and a curved saddle that runs across the entire vamp from welt to welt.

The heel counter is adorned by subtle embroidery, and a hand stitched apron that sits comfortably on top of the elongated toe box.

Easily slip on your Piet Penny Loafers with your work trousers or more casually with dark denim on the weekends.

Our final shoe is another design from our “GMTO’s greatest hits”.

We debuted our Coltrane Wingtip Balmoral Derby last year in our first collaboration with Leffot in New York City, and they’ve been one of our most popular MTO requests ever since.

The beauty of Coltrane is the blending of many design elements together executed flawlessly. Coltrane sports a rich vegano inca upper, four eyelet lacing, brogue detailing along the wingtip and balmoral seam, and an asymmetric pattern which removes the need for a center back seam.

The elegant shoe sits on top off a more aggressive Vibram Gumlite Commando Sole, probably one of the most comfortable soles for dress shoes, and has a 360 degree storm welt for added weather protection.

We selected our Rocher Patina, a dark brown to a golden honey reverse patina, which adds a slightly bold color contrast and complements the sophisticated design beautifully.

Our Bernat Brogue Derby Shoe, Piet Penny Loafer, and Coltrane Wingtip Derby are now available in a small batch online and in our boutique in Barcelona, Spain. Every Goodyear-welted pair is professionally hand finished before delivery by our artisan team.

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