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Who has experienced wrapping paper scattered on the floor, a few boxes of mediocre gifts, and major disappointment during the holidays? I’m sure most of you have. It comes with the territory of having refined taste and a sweet tooth for nice things.

This holiday season we’re giving you the opportunity to treat yourself to something you really want. Our As You Wish GMTO selection also comes with a classic holiday story that some of you may recognize.
Domingo Balmoral Oxford by Norman Vilalta Bespoke Shoemakers
Meet Domingo, our classic Balmoral Oxford Shoe. Domingo is inspired by a humble Spanish swordsmith who took great pride in his craft and dedicated a year to make the perfect sword that would accommodate a six finger Count.
Domingo Balmoral Oxford Shoe by Norman Vilalta Bespoke Shoemakers
Domingo features a vamp, facing, lower quarters and heel that are lasted from one piece of leather. The balmoral seam that cuts across the quarters connects with the swan seam which results in a classic design with harmonious lines and a clean finishing. We selected box calf leather and a dark oak patina which compliments the colors of most dress wardrobes and can also be dressed down as shown in the photos.
Domingo Balmoral Oxford Shoe by Norman Vilalta Bespoke Shoemakers
In the cult story we are referring to, the six finger Count wouldn’t pay Domingo their agreed upon price, therefore Domingo refused to sell the bespoke sword. He declined not because of the money but because the Count couldn’t appreciate the beauty of his great work. Domingo was so dedicated to his craft that unfortunately it lead to his fate by the hands of the Count. Luckily his legacy lived on.
Inigo Balmoral Megabrogue by Norman Vilalta Bespoke Shoemakers
Our second shoe is a brand new design named after the famous swordsman who once said, “My name is Iñigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die”. Like his father Domingo, Iñigo is a Balmoral but with added flair. When he witnessed his father’s death by the evil count at the tender age of eleven, he vowed revenge and devoted his life to becoming a great swordsman. This passionate drive added to Inigo’s character and slight flamboyance. 
Inigo Balmoral Megabrogue by Norman Vilalta Bespoke Shoemakers
If Domingo is our classic Balmoral Oxford, Iñigo is our Balmoral on steroids. Iñigo features a sectioned cap toe, balmoral seam, and swan seam that are all accented by brogues. The facings, lower quarters, and heel are lasted from one piece of leather and wrap around the entire shoe with a seam neatly tucked away at the inner heel.
Inigo Balmoral Megabrogue by Norman Vilalta Bespoke Shoemakers
We selected our signature hand painted leather sole in purple and a dark mahogany color upper which is one of our handsome patinas that is classy but still a bit flirtatious.

Westley Decon Derby by Norman Vilalta Bespoke Shoemakers
Our final shoe is Westley, FKA our Decon Chelsea Shoe. Westley is named after one of the last known people to adopt the pseudonym, “Dread Pirate Roberts”, a name that drove fear throughout the Mediterranean. He is also one of the only people known to beat Iñigo in a duel between skilled swordsman.
Westley Decon Derby by Norman Vilalta Bespoke Shoemakers
Although “Dread Pirate Roberts” was known to wear all black, our Westley Decon Derby Shoe is a two eyelet derby in snuff suede from Charles Stead, a shoe we imagine he would have worn during his retirement and after he had made his riches. Westley has the ease and utility of a lazy man shoe, but the stability of a lace up, the perfect combination for an accomplished man who likes to look good but still be comfortable.
Westley Decon Derby by Norman Vilalta Bespoke Shoemakers
The side gore permits you to easily slip Westley on and is discreetly hidden by the leather paneling. The two eyelet facings add stability and customized comfort for a glove like fit, but don't interfere with the elegant vamp, the chiseled toe box, and ankle movement needed for any future duels.

All shoes are bench made, Goodyear-welted, and hand finished by our artisan team in Barcelona, Spain. This process includes the use of glass, sandpaper, inks, creams, waxes, fire and multiple iron tools to achieve a bespoke quality finishing that the Norman Vilalta brand has become known for, and a level of quality craftsmanship that Domingo, Iñigo, and Westley would appreciate.

Our Domingo Balmoral Oxford, Iñigo Balmoral Megabrogue, and Westley Decon Derby Shoe are now available as a group-made-to-order through the end of day Sunday, January 3rd.  You can place an order with a 50% deposit using the code GMTODEPOSIT during checkout. The balance will be collected before final shipment.

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