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For this month, we created a new version for one of our team’s favorite shoes, the Coltrane Wingtip Balmoral Derby.

We originally designed this shoe as a GMTO collaboration with our friend Steven Taffel of Leffot NYC in 2021 and since then the elegant design, comfort and versatility of our ready-made version has elevated Coltrane to be one of our hot sellers.

All the previous versions we created were in pebble grain leather, so for this special version we wanted to create one in supple suede.

We selected a mocha suede from Charles Stead and enriched the color and created additional depth by adding a handmade patina along the brogues and seams.

Coltrane features 4 eyelet lacing, brogue detailing along the wingtip and balmoral seam, and an asymmetric pattern with a seam tucked away at the inner heel.

The Vibram Gumlite Commando Sole delivers comfort, durability and a lightweight alternative to the typical leather sole.

The combination of the soft square toe and 360-degree storm welt for weather protection creates a bold, slightly sharp profile. 

The Coltrane Wingtip Balmoral Derby is ideal for those who are looking for a shoe that incorporates distinct design details in a humble, subtle fashion.

The shoe will keep your feet comfortable all day long and the design will easily complement everything from dress to casual.

Our Coltrane Wingtip Balmoral Derby is now available as a GMTO is now available through Tuesday, May 30th.

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