Tassel Loafer Time

For our latest group-made-to-order we created a new version of our Gillespie Tassel Loafer in a handsome chestnut patina.

With our Goodyear-welted loafers in high demand this past summer we decided to design something special for the next round of warm weather.

We had many customers inquire about MTO versions of our Manolo and Joaquin Loafers, and we decided that it was time to offer another tassel loafer.

Gillespie features an elegantly elongated round toebox, an apron carefully hand-stitched by our team of artisans, a textured grain calf upper, a pitched heel, and a leather sole hand painted in purple.

A subtle detail of Gillespie is the woven ankle roping which wraps around the collar and complements the hand-stitched apron beautifully.

Our first version of Gillespie last Winter featured a bold violet patina. For this GMTO, we selected a chestnut handmade patina a comforting medium brown that delivers a pop of color to standard dress attire and can be worn freely with casual clothing on the weekends.

With the pebble grain upper, different shades of color are captured in the crevices of the grains, giving the shoe more depth and an antique look which will look great this next Spring/Summer.

Our Gillespie Tassel Loafer is now available in our Group-made-to-order online and in our boutiques in Barcelona, Spain.

Participate through Tuesday, November 1st.


"Norman Vilalta Crushing the Shoe Game"

Justin Fitzpatrick of The Shoe Snob