Winter Heat

We created our latest group-made-to-order to bring some heat this winter. We developed three styles that are classic enough to be combined with a wide range of wardrobes but still maintain the picante details that Norman Vilalta is known for.

Rafael Wingtip Adelaide by Norman Vilalta

Our Rafael Shoe is a new Wingtip Adelaide that we’re releasing for the first time. The design takes hints from two of our favorites -- Our classic Wingtip Full Brogue and our Adelaide Full Brogue.

Rafael Wingtip Adelaide by Norman Vilalta

The proportions of our brogue-lined wingtip and chiseled toe last blend beautifully with the swan seam curves of our Adelaide. The result is a sharp design that has an aggressive air to them but stays within the bounds of classic style.

Rafael Wingtip Adelaide by Norman Vilalta

We paired up Rafael with our Orion patina, our black and blue patina which is slightly more conservative than some of our louder patinas but still a bit playful. If you aren’t familiar with this patina, under low light they appear nearly black but under light the blue reflects through.

The color combination compliments the classic navy, greys, and blacks of your wardrobe and will add a slightly more formal touch to the weekend wear with dark denim.

Federico Balmoral Brogue Shoe by Norman Vilalta

Our second style is our Federico Shoe which was originally offered as a part of our semi-bespoke 1202 Heritage Collection. The shoe became known as the "blue balmoral" among our clients after photos of the handmade blue version circulated the internet a couple of years ago.

Federico Balmoral Brogue Shoe by Norman Vilalta

Federico is an elegant balmoral design with brogues and a combination of box calf and country calf leather. The toe cap, vamp, and heel cap are one piece of leather that is accented with brogues and lasted snugly around the shoe with a seam tucked away neatly in the inner heel.

Federico Balmoral Brogue by Norman Vilalta

We chose country calf for the quarters which wrap around the heel collar in one piece. This pebble grain gives the shoe subtle texture that adds unique character but isn’t ostentatious. We paired up Federico with a light mahogany, which is a color that compliments both dress and casual attire.

Antonio Balmoral Boot by Norman Vilalta

Our last style is our Antonio Boot (FKA Balmoral Simple Boot), our balmoral boot in country calf leather with 5 eyelets and 3 speed hooks. We chose a castaña country calf with slight antiquing, which is a smooth medium brown that will develop a handsome natural patina over time.

Antonio Balmoral Boot by Norman Vilalta

The Vibram Commando Sole guarantees durability and light weight comfort that your feet will thank you for. With delivery scheduled for winter, this boot is perfect for stylish city walks or weekend country excursions in cooler weather.

Antonio Balmoral Boot by Norman Vilalta

For the Style Forum fans, Norman designed this boot over 6 years ago and still wears the original version today when he works on patinas.

Our Rafael Adelaide Wingtip Shoe, Federico Balmoral Brogue Shoe, and Antonio Balmoral Boot are available as a group-made-to-order through Sunday, August 30th. Every pair is bench made, Goodyear-welted, and hand finished by our team of artisans in Barcelona, Spain. Orders will delivered in 16 to 20 weeks.

We will accept a 50% non-refundable deposit to place an order for group-made-to-orders with the code GMTODEPOSIT upon checkout. The balance will be collected before the final delivery of shoes.

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