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Norman Vilalta shoes and boots made in Spain

"Norman Vilalta is one of my favourite bespoke artisans. Enthusiastic, talented and down-to-earth. His creations can often be fantastical, but he also does a nice line in conservative shoes with little touches of personality."

- Simon Crompton of Permanent Style

Norman Vilalta Bespoke Shoemaker, Barcelona, Spain - Men's Leather Shoes and Boots Made in Spain

Norman Vilalta offers the finest quality men’s leather shoes and boots made in Spain. For 10 years we worked exclusively on bespoke shoes for clients worldwide. As such, we've seen and worked with feet of all different sizes, shapes, and forms and developed a deep understanding of men's shoe making.

In 2014, we applied our bespoke shoe making experience to engineer our ready-to-wear lasts. Our goal was to develop a last that could bring the fit of a bespoke shoe to a much wider audience. Since then, we've offered an extensive line of ready-to-wear designs and styles for men from around the world who appreciate shoes that fit well, look good, and stand out.

All of our men's leather shoes and boots are designed in Barcelona, Goodyear welted, hand finished, and proudly made in Spain.

Norman Vilalta's men's shoes store in Barcelona, Spain

Visit our atelier and men’s shoe store in Barcelona where you can see our full collection of Goodyear welted men’s leather shoes and boots as well as watch our artisans make and professionally finish shoes by hand.

Meet Norman Vilalta in person, get sized, and try on a selection of our shoes. You will be able to see our full ready-to-wear collection as well as examples of our bespoke, made-to-order, and custom men’s shoes. Walk ins are always accepted but appointments are recommended for bespoke and made-to-order shoes. 
Norman Vilalta
Bespoke Shoemakers
Enric Granados, 5, Local
Barcelona, Spain, 08007
P: +34.933.234.014
Instagram: normanvilalta