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Article: Rebirth of cool

Rebirth of cool

As we wrap up the summer months, we welcome the cooler weather with open arms and two new marvelous shoes. 

For those who enjoy the comfort and ease of slipping on loafers throughout the year, for the first time we made a small batch of our Goodyear-welted Manolo Tassel Loafer.

The Manolo Loafer features a meticulously hand-sewn apron, a laced collar with dual tassels, texture of reno calf leather, and a durable, lightweight, and comfortable Vibram Commando Sole.

While the fusion of a tassel loafer design with a bold Vibram sole may appear unconventional, Manolo effortlessly marries these elements. Its versatile appeal as a comfortable and robust dress casual shoe has earned it a cherished place in the hearts of our clientele, proving to be a year-round favorite.

For Manolo's debut as a ready-made shoe, we've selected our Marron Mediterraneo patina – a proprietary blend of rich browns and burgundy, offering an elegant alternative to traditional black and brown. Our signature patina extends to the tassels, which exhibit a slightly lighter shade of brown, a signature detail of Norman's.

Our second shoe is no stranger to those who know us well.

The Derby Simple was one of the very first Goodyear-welted shoes that we offered as a ready-made shoe. The comfort, elegant design and versatile wardrobe appeal has elevated this shoe to one of the most popular models and is often the first shoe that our customers try.

While shoe aficionados have become accustomed to our Derby Simple in a 3D patina, we wanted to do something a bit different this fall and introduce a batch in supple repello suede.

The Derby Simple features a rounded toe box, an elongated vamp with 4 eyelet lacing, our signature asymmetric pattern which removes the need for a center back seam, and a comfortable padded and quilted insole.

Since our Derby Simple is meant to be worn and made-to-last, Norman selected a Vibram Gumlite commando sole, a sole that can survive the city streets, looks good and keeps your feet comfortable all-day-long.

We selected our Midnight Blue handmade patina, a handsome dark to light blue reverse patina. The lighter milkshake suede below peeks out at the toe box, along the facings next to the eyelets and at the heel, each of the areas of the shoe that more commonly reflect light.

The Derby Simple is ideal for those who are looking for a shoe that will stand out tastefully among crowd and can easily be dressed up or down.

Each Goodyear-welted pair of our Manolo Tassel Loafer and Derby Simple Shoe is meticulously hand-finished by our team of artisans in Barcelona before delivery.

Enjoy your pair this fall

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