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Article: The Handmade Federico Balmoral Oxford

The Handmade Federico Balmoral Oxford

We are delighted to announce the newest addition to our 1202 Heritage Collection, the fully Handmade Federico Balmoral Oxford in a combination of leathers and a handmade espresso patina.

In 2018 we introduced our unique fully handmade 1202 Heritage Collection with our friend Hugo Jacomet of The Parisian Gentleman. The goal was to offer a handmade line of shoes that give our customers the opportunity to experience the fit, beauty, and elegance of a fully handmade shoe, without the time and commitment to full bespoke.

Since then, the collection has been under-the-radar and available to those who were "in-the-know", since our shoemakers have a limited capacity outside of bespoke work and hand-finishing.

Each handmade pair from this limited collection is hand-lastedhand-welted and outsole stitched by hand in either our workshop in Barcelona or by our teammate Kenjiro Kawashima who is now based in Seoul, Korea after working in our Barcelona atelier for 3 years. Kenjiro is the 3rd place winner of the 2022 Shoemaking World Championship.

For this limited launch, we have allotted space among our bespoke workload for 6 orders and once we’ve reached this limit we will not accept more orders until our team has additional capacity.

The Handmade Federico Balmoral Oxford features 5 eyelet lacing, our signature asymmetric pattern with no center back seam, a sexy double-beveled waist (fiddleback) that is carefully carved by hand, a pitched heel with a tight seat and a subtle handmade espresso reverse patina, with light brown peaking out at the toe box, facings, and heel.

The toe box, vamp, and heel cap are one piece of French box calf leather from Tanneries du Puy and is hand-lasted tightly around the shoe with a seam tucked away neatly in the inner heel. Carefully hand-punched brogues line the balmoral seam, delineating the two leathers.

The pebble grain of country calf from Tanneries du Puy make up the facings and heel collar and is also cut from one piece of leather, delivering a clean finishing around the entire shoe.

The Handmade Federico Balmoral Oxford is a smart alternative to the average dress shoe whose sleek profile, slimly carved waist, glove-like fit and elegant design lines will clearly stand out among the crowd.

Our Handmade Federico Balmoral Oxford from the 1202 Heritage Collection is now available to order and each fully handmade pair will be delivered in approximately 7 to 8 months. We will close our list once our 6 pair limit has been reached.

Experience our handmade balmoral oxford today

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