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Article: Enjoy a MTO Fee Waiver

Enjoy a MTO Fee Waiver

For two weeks, enjoy a waiver on the 300-euro MTO fee for our Goodyear-welted and hand-finished Condal Collection shoes and boots.

Customize any of our existing models from the ready-made and made-to-order selections on our website or choose from MTO shoes that we've already designed from the made-to-order selection on our website.

You can customize the last, upper material, patina, and sole of any existing styles without an additional 300 euro fee.

For example, imagine the Federico Balmoral Oxford in our Orion handmade patina with a Vibram Button Sole…

Or perhaps purple has peaked your interest recently and you have your eyes on the Gillespie Tassel Loafer in our violet handmade patina and a Vibram Commando Sole...

Imagine the Luis Balmoral Derby in a dark brown to milky brown handmade espresso patina…

Or maybe our signature Decon Chelsea Boot in brown suede with a reverse patina...

Or you can choose from MTO examples that we've created for you.

For example, you can choose from the MTO shoes and boots that we've already designed for you such as our Tete Moc Toe Derby in nova nappa and repello suede…

Maybe you're finally ready to pull the trigger on a Spectator Oxford...

Or perhaps you missed the chance to pick up the Adelaide Full Brogue in handmade Marron Meditteraneo patina...

Or even our Decon Chukka Boot in Mahogony and Chocolate...

 All MTO orders will be made, hand-finished and delivered in 5 to 6 months.

To customize a shoe or boot that we don't already offer on our website, please see the instructions on creating a custom MTO. We'll create a custom SKU for you so that you can easily place your order online.

To place an order for MTO shoes that we've already designed, simply visit our Made-to-Order Shoes and Boots section and place an order. You'll note that the MTO fee has already been waived.

The fee waiver is not retroactive and does not apply to any existing orders or to our handmade 1202 Heritage Collection.

Questions? Email and we would be happy to help you. We typically answer in 24 to 48 hours.

Our MTO fee waiver ends Sunday, August 27th

Enjoy our MTO fee waiver


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